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Lidgate Violins


The client approached us about a site for his established violin repair/building business. The main objective of the project was to get the business an online presence in search engines and cut down costs to offline advertising methods.

The client was happy for us to take the lead in the visual design of the site and after detailed discussions about which direction the site should take two main areas were identified: the repair and the sales of the violin family of instruments.

The site created was small, compacted and easy to navigate around.

Since its launch the client has come back to us with positive feedback about how it has generated business for him and already paid for itself in sales.

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Hector Lidgate
Musical Instrument, Repair
April 2009


Lidgate Violins Lidgate Violins Lidgate Violins


  • Site is keyword rich to help its Google ranking
  • Includes information on the 2 key areas of interest
  • Regular statistical updates are kept to feed back to the client
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