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Low Profile


One of our biggest clients required a site dedicated to its low profile range of load cells and sensors. The brief included needing a easy to use site with logically laid out product pages. It was also identified from an early point that the product information would change regularly, so needed to be easily updatable.

The use of plain colours allows the sers to easily find the information they are looking for and the product pages have been practically laid out to allow for first time visitors who may only need to find certain snippets of information.

Information banners dot the site highlighting popular products and a promotion page lists all the latest offers available to the customers.

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Interface Force Measurements
Business, Engineering, Industrial
February 2009


Low Profile Low Profile Low Profile


  • Custom built CMS powers product and document sections
  • JavaScript tabs allow user to easily find relevant information
  • Information banners link to popular products
  • Events page shows the conference the client will be in attendance
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