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Bed Sensor


Three years after its original launch the client approached us with the brief of redesigning the site. The client had recently gained leads and trials in one of the UK's biggest bed retailers and as such the website needed updating.

The site uses the colour scheme most common on its parent site and has been architectured in a way so that information is readily available to the user.

Downloadable content is available on the site to help assist the target audience (the bed retailers) in gathering the information they need to present the product to their customers in store.

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Interface Force Measurements
Business, Engineering, Industrial
January 2010


Bed Sensor Bed Sensor Bed Sensor


  • Downloadable content in the form of fact sheets, data sheets and YouTube videos
  • PowerPoint presentations transformed into Flash demonstrations give the target audience walk throughs on the products
  • Makes use of bright colours and high-res images to draw attention into the site
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