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Ceramic Fun


A brand new site for a new company offering painting fun to people of all ages. The design was to be smart yet colourful without being tacky. The colour was achieved by using vibrant paint splatters in a logo and a 2-tone colour across the site.

A JavaScript control allows the user to change the 2-tone from a default blue to green or purple.

The client wanted to promote the number of different ways in which the studio could be used to cater for people of all ages. Many of these different activities were given their own page.

Plenty of pictures were provided by the client and are used in abundance around the site to give it a friendly appealing feel.

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Matt Whiddett
Art, Crafts, Pottery
October 2007


Ceramic Fun Ceramic Fun Ceramic Fun


  • Colour switcher enables users to browse the site in 1 of 3 colours
  • Use of imagery to promote the range of activites on offer
  • Content written in a fun and relaxed manner
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