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FC Berksalona


The site build for this didnt include much of a brief from the client - the manager of a local Sunday League football team. He had his own wishes as to what needed to go on it and that it needed to be easily updatable for someone with no HTML knowledge but the design/style was left open.

Colour wise the site needed to represent club colours and opens up into a dark shade of green against white text. Information is fed through to the front end from a database including player stats, fixtures, results and news stories... it even has room for a WAG section!

Although the site was not intended for new visitors to find, it has been set up to be Search Engine friendly and appears well in page rankings.

October 2012 update: This site has now been taken offline but an archive of it can still be viewed on the new URL below.

Thumbnail of FC Berksalona
FC Berksalona
Football, Sport
August 2009


FC Berksalona FC Berksalona FC Berksalona


  • Player Profile pages including stats and personal information
  • Match Report pages which feed statistics around the site
  • Social Networking icons used to promote discussion amongst players/fans
  • Lightbox effect for Picture Galleries
  • Custom built CMS allows easy updating for non-technical users
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